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Welcome to the Guild of Calamitous Intent

The Guild of Calamitous Intent, an organization originally founded to save mankind from self-destruction but which now serves as an ad hoc placement agency matching Imperial  villains with appropriate Republic nemeses. 

For those of you not familiar with the origins of the guild, the name comes from the Adult Swim TV show titled "The Venture Brothers". If you have never heard of it I suggest you check it out.  

The Guild was created by a close group of friends but is now growing in size which has surpassed our expectations. The founding members (also known as the Councilmen) are very pleased to see the foundation of The Guild is being strengthened by its ever growing members.  

The Guild of Calamitous Intent fits the genre of a casual to hardcore guild. Many members are devoted to seeing the Republic suffer through various PVP matches and events while others enjoy the rewards of exploring the PVE contents. The Guild of Calamitous intent does not discriminate on the type of play style you enjoy and no member shall infringe on this freedom. We do not require you to invest x amount of hours in raiding events or PVP matches. 

I would like to keep this guild as democratic as possible. Any ideas, suggestions, or comments are welcome and will be taken into consideration and voted upon. Not every aspect will be voted on, however a vast majority will be.  

I would like to take this time and introduce some ground rules, please refer to The Calamitous Code as it will be taken seriously. Rules are subject to change but this is what was decided as of now.

The Calamitous Code

  1. Respect: 
    • Above all else, the Calamitous Code dictates that all members show each other respect.
    • Show respect to higher ranking members and respect shall be given to you. 
    • In no circumstance shall a lower ranking member abuse or demean a higher or equal ranking member.
    • In no circumstance shall a higher ranking official abuse their power or demean a lower ranking member. 
  1. Honor: 
    • Although we are a part of the Sith Empire, our guild comes before anything.
    • Honor the Code, The Guild, and its members against any outside force both Sith and Republic. Defend them with your life.
    • Display this honor across the Galaxy and carve a name for ourselves.                                           

  1. Loyalty: 
    • The Code demands loyalty to the Guild and to the Emperor.
    • No member shall belittle or slander The Guild or its members. Arguments and discrepancies are certain to arise but conquer these in a mature and loyal manner.
    • Any problems in the guild that you feel need to be addressed contact any of the Councilmen via in game or out game messaging. A Council Meeting will then be held.
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